'Enchanted Valley' Vol. I Creativity Journal

'Enchanted Valley' Vol. I Creativity Journal


The 'Enchanted Valley' Creativity Journal takes you on a journey to an enchanted land where you will meet faeries, walk on a pumpkin patch and experience a carnival. The book contains over 50 original pencil drawings, and also lined journaling pages where you can write down your own creative thoughts. The paper of the book is also suitable for coloured pencils and most of the illustrations in the book can be coloured as well! Let your creativity flow and enjoy your journey to the world of Enchanted Valley.

The book measures 14,8x21cm (5.7"x8.3" inches).
Gloss finish hardcover with high quality section sewn binding.
76 pages, printed on 90g (24lbs) paper.

Ships worldwide from Finland!

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