Fantasy Art Painting - 'She Reached For The Sun And The Moon'

The Haven Gallery 'Her Majesty' Exhibition


'She Reached For The Sun And The Moon' is a painting I painted for The Haven Gallery 'Her Majesty' group exhibition in New York. The exhibition is open through August 11th to September 15th 2018.

The 'Her Majesty' exhibition focuses on women in power throughout history and in mythology. My painting for the exhibition is inspired by a tale from Finnish mythology of the witch queen of the north. In one of the tales in the Finnish epic Kalevala, Louhi, the witch queen of the north took the sun and the moon from the sky and brought darkness to the land of Kalevala.

I painted this painting with oils on Ampersand gesso board.

The original painting is sold, but I've made 25 limited edition prints of 'She Reached For The Sun And The Moon' and they are now up in my shop!


Thank you for reading!


Eeva Nikunen is a fantasy artist and illustrator who creates narrative style fine art paintings and illustrations.