WorldCon 75 Helsinki

This year the World Science Fiction Convention 'WorldCon' was held for the first time in Helsinki Finland. The convention has a long history. The first WorldCon took place in 1939 and has been held annually since 1946. The location of the convention changes every year and I was so happy that this year Finland got a chance to host a big and famous convention such as WorldCon.

The convention was held from 9th to 13th of August and it took place in a convention centre called 'Messukeskus' in Helsinki. Throughout the five days there was a lot of programming and activities including an art show that I was a part of. I had bought two panel walls to exhibit some of my original paintings. I also had prints available at the print shop area of the art show.

On Saturday I also hosted a painting workshop called 'Painting Dragons and Faeries (oil and acrylic) Painting Basics with Eeva Nikunen'. For two hours we did some painting and I talked about and demonstrated some of the basics of the oil and acrylic techniques I use. The workshop was a lot of fun and people seemed to enjoy it. I could see myself doing more workshops like this in the future.

In the art show I sold four of the seven original paintings that I had brought to the exhibition and I was lucky enough to meet some of the buyers. I'm glad to say that I'm confident the paintings are going into good homes.

WorldCon will be held in the USA again next year. But I was happy to hear that the 2019 convention will be held in Dublin Ireland. I will definitely take part in that convention because it's a relatively short plane trip away and inside the EU. That means the logistics of taking original art with me to another country to sell won't be a very difficult and expensive process.

A lot of thanks goes to so many of the volunteers of the convention for putting up such an amazing event. And a special thanks to everyone who were in charge of putting together the art exhibition.

-Thank you for reading!