Art Trip To Saint Petersburg

Last weekend, I travelled to a beautiful city that has amazing museums and culture. Saint Petersburg is just a relatively short train ride from where I live. I took this trip to seek new inspiration for my own paintings. I got to visit the Hermitage, the Russian Museum and Faberge Museum. In this blog post I'll share some of my experiences on the trip.

The State Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage is a beautiful palace right in the centre of Saint Petersburg. It was formerly the home of the tsars, but now it's a museum with an amazing collection of art from all over the world. I visited the Hermitage last Friday and got to spend a few hours there. It is impossible to see everything that the museum has to offer in one visit.

When I arrived in the museum, I headed straight to the galleries that had 18th century portrait paintings. They had room after room of amazing rococo art. I found two paintings from one of my favourite painters, Jean Marc Nattier: Portrait of a woman in grey and Portrait of Alexander Kurakin. Both these paintings were amazing to see in person. I love the colours and the style in which Jean Marc Nattier painted people.

At the Hermitage, I also visited the impressionists gallery. They had paintings from Monet, Cezanne, Degas, Renoir and Van Gogh just to name a few. I especially loved seeing Van Gogh's paintings in person. It's quite impossible to see from photos how vibrant the colours are in his paintings. I also loved seeing the expressive brush strokes in his paintings.

Hemitage Museum in Saint Petersburg Russia.

Hemitage Museum in Saint Petersburg Russia.

Russian Museum

The Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg has collections of art from Russian artists. This museum was also huge and I saw just a small part of it. Here are a few photos I took of paintings that really caught my attention. I tried not to focus too much on taking photos and tried to appreciate being in the moment and seeing the paintings with my own eyes. Taking a photo is never quite the same thing as seeing the art in person.

Faberge Museum

On the last day of my trip to Saint Petersburg, I got to visit the Faberge Museum which has a priceless collection of Faberge eggs on display. The eggs are made with incredible craftsmanship. Some of the eggs have mechanical birds that sing and are covered in real hummingbird feathers. All the eggs are covered in diamonds and precious stones.

The Book Shop of My Dreams

There's a wonderful book store located in the centre of Saint Petersburg. The address is Nevskiy ave, 28. The book store is in an old Singer building. The store had an incredible collection of art books. I could have bought a hundred books from this store, but had to narrow it down to just three this time! I bought art books of Winterhalter, Thomas Gainsborough and Jan Van Huysum.


Thank you for reading, and if you haven't had the change to visit Saint Petersburg yet I highly recommend it!