Oil Painting Process

I just finished a new oil painting. It's a Halloween themed portrait of a cat named Mortimer. Autumn is my favourite season and I wanted to paint something Halloween themed to celebrate this wonderful time of year that is just around the corner.


Here I would like to share with you a little bit of the technique I used to paint this new painting.

I started the painting by drawing the outlines of my sketch to my Belgian linen canvas board. I like using Fredrix Nature Core canvas boards. They are boards that are about 3cm thick and covered with Belgian linen. It's a very smooth surface, but it still has a little bit of texture.


I traced the lines of my drawing with Golden fluid acrylic in Raw Umber. I did this so I wouldn't lose the lines of my sketch as I started painting.


Next I started painting an underpainting with acrylic paints. I'm using just Raw Umber and Titanium White from Golden paints.


My painting still looks quite rough at this point. When I felt like I had painted enough with the acrylics, I switched to oil paints. I like using Old Holland oil paints. I use Winsor&Newton Liquin fast drying medium with my oil paints to make them dry faster.


After I had painted my two tone underpainting, I started to glaze thin layers of colours on top. I use a glazing medium that is one part bleached linseed oil, one part dammar varnish, and one part odourless turpentine.

In this video you can see the whole painting process as a time lapse. I hope you enjoy watching!

Limited edition giclée prints are available of 'Mortimer' in my shop.

Thank you for reading!