A Look Inside The Sketchbook

In my previous blog post I talked about how buying a new Derwent sketchbook has really inspired me to do more sketching. I've never considered myself to be particularly good at sketching, and I feel that posting these almost daily sketches has pushed me to get over the idea that everything you draw has to be rendered and beautiful before you can show it to anyone.

I'm not a fast drawer, and often I would like to spend hours on one sketch so I can render it, but I try to remind myself that the whole idea of sketching is to just put down ideas you have in your head on paper, so you can refer to those ideas later. So here are some of the most recent sketches from my sketchbook.

This is an idea I have for a portrait of a pirate. I love parrots, so I thought it would be fun to include some cute parrots into this painting idea. One of the parrots is even wearing a little pirate hat.

For this sketch, I was in a kind of tropical mood and wanted to draw something that had some tiki elements in it. I ended up with a drawing of a lovely mermaid on a tiki island. I can't wait to turn this idea into a painting.

I bought some new Daniel Smith watercolours, and I drew this sketch pretty much to just quickly test one of the colours that is called 'Moonglow'. The sketchbook I have is not meant for watercolour, so I'll have to test the Daniel Smith paints on proper watercolour paper soon.

This was a sketch I drew one evening, I had this idea of Cinderella looking out a window.

I haven't really ever painted anything Egyptian related, although I really like the imagery of ancient Egypt. I had this idea of a portrait of Cleopatra. This is painting idea I am also looking forward to painting soon.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these sketches and thank you for reading!