Sketching New Ideas

I recently bought a new sketchbook. I was going on a trip and I knew that I wasn't going to be able to paint during my travels, but I still wanted to make sure that I created some new art every day. I bought an A4 size (letter size) sketchbook from Derwent and having this book with me every day has really inspired me to do more sketching, which is great.

Because I paint with oil paints, creating a new painting is quite a slow process, and a sketchbook is a great way to put down those ideas that you have in your head that you know you won't have time to start painting immediately.

Here are a few recent sketches from my sketchbook, I wrote a few words about each sketch, I hope you'll enjoy seeing them.

The Little Mermaid

In May there's an art challenge on Instagram called #Mermay. I've seen a lot of artists post amazing mermaid drawings for this challenge. I wanted to take part with this Little Mermaid sketch. In the sketch she is holding a sea shell. I'm hoping to turn this idea into a painting very soon.

Pumpkin Patch

I love all things Halloween. Pumpkins in particular are close to my heart. So I sketched this idea for a Halloween themed painting. I'm kind of fond of that pumpkin headed scarecrow in the background.


I'm planning a series of fairytale themed paintings. This is my take on Rapunzel. I'm kind of obsessed with beautiful fairytale dresses and I thought Rapunzel would look amazing in a pink dress with flowers.

Pirate Treasure

Ever since I saw the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie I've loved pirate adventures. I wanted to draw a sketch of two pirates with their pirate treasure. I'm hoping to paint a pirate themed painting soon.

Red Riding Hood

Here is another fairytale themed sketch. When I turn this into a painting, I'm thinking of adding a wolf to the painting too.

Jasmine Flowers

I love the scent of Jasmine flowers and this sketch was inspired by those beautiful white flowers.

Roses and Butterflies

This is a sketch of a little fairy surrounded by roses and butterflies.

Snow White and The Poison Apple

This is an idea that I've already started painting in oils. It's a portrait of one of my favourite fairytale princesses with her red poison apple. I'm currently in the stage of painting the underpainting for this, I can't wait to start adding colour layers to the painting.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these sketches. Thank you for reading!