Pattern Design - 'Secret Garden'

Pattern design and especially antique wallpaper designs have always fascinated me. And I've always wanted to design my own collection of pattern designs.

Here is the first in a collection of floral pattern designs that I'm working on. This pattern is called 'Secret Garden'. In this blog post, I'll share how I created this design with watercolour.

The idea for the 'Secret Garden' pattern design started on a page of my sketchbook. I doodled a design with watercolour. I knew I wanted to create a pattern that had red and blue flowers.

Next I decided to make a clean drawing based on the rough watercolour sketch. I drew the design on hot press watercolour paper with water soluble pencils.

I painted the design with watercolour over my initial lines. The good thing about water soluble pencils is that the pencil lines disappear once you start painting over it with watercolour.

And here is the finished 'Secret Garden' watercolour painting. I scanned the painting on to my computer and created the repeat pattern in Photoshop. I chose a dark blue colour for the background colour of this design.

'Secret Garden' is now available on Redbubble! Here are some of the items that I have added to the Redbubble shop. You can view the items on Redbubble by clicking the thumbnail images.

Thank you for reading!