White Witch

I'm a part of a group of artists called The Changeling Artist Collective. We have a monthly art auction on Facebook. Every month is a different theme, and this month the theme is witches! The auction will start on Monday 13th and will be called 'Strange Brew'.

I was really inspired by this month's theme. So I painted this little 5"x7" inch watercolour and coloured pencil piece for the auction.

"She is a White Witch. She only does good spells. She's the kindest witch you'll ever meet, but she wishes that people were also kind to her."

 'White Witch' by Eeva Nikunen

'White Witch' by Eeva Nikunen

The original 5"x7" painting will be available beginning March 13th through the Changeling Artist Collective Facebook page. You can follow us on Facebook and see when the auction goes live!

Thank you for reading!