Painting A Parrot With Oils

Here is a work in progress photo of a parrot portrait oil painting that I'm currently working on. I started the painting by using just two colours: raw umber and zinc white. This technique is called the 'old masters' technique where the whole painting is painted with just two colours. The colours are added after with thin layers of glazes using special painting mediums to thin down the paint.

I've only added two layers of colour glazes to this parrot painting so far. I will be adding more when the layer I painted today dries. I'm using a painting medium called Liquin, which helps the paint to dry faster. So I will be able to continue painting on this tomorrow.

I'm loving the blue, green and yellow colours in this painting so far. I will be adding more depth with colour layers as I continue painting. I think that I will also add some stars to the sky.

Thank you for reading!

Eeva NikunenComment