Top 5 Business Books For Artists

Five Business Books Every Artist Should Read

Here is a list of business books that I think every artist should read. In today’s world, artists are more and more like entrepreneurs, and these books give practical advice and inspiration on how to have the mindset of an independent creator.

1. The ONE Thing by Jay Papasan and Gary Keller
This is such an awesome book! I've read it three times already. The book has amazing practical advice on how to find that one thing in your life that will bring value to you and the people around you.

2. The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield
This book is a how to guide for all artists on how to get work done and stop procrastinating! This is a super inspiring read. I've read this one twice already.

3. The Art Of Asking By Amanda Palmer
This book is a must read for every artist who wants to build a meaningful community around their art. This book also helps with getting comfortable with the fact that the art you are creating has value and people want to help you.

4. How To Be Like Walt by Jim Denney and Pat Williams
This is the best biography of Walt Disney I've read. His career is so inspiring, and all artists should learn to think more like Walt. This book encourages artists to think more creatively about all the possibilities that are out there in the world of art and business.

5. Crush It! By Gary Vaynerchuk
If you want to build a community around your art, I highly recommend all of Gary Vaynerchuk's books! He writes about practical advice on how to bring value, how to communicate and how to build a community.

Thank you for reading!