Autumn Season Wrap-up

Autumn is my favourite season, and I often find myself drawing and painting a lot of autumn themed art this time of year. I wanted to share with you some of the art I've been making this September and October.

Here is an oil painting called 'Mortimer'. It features a cat spending time on a spooky pumpkin patch. I really enjoyed painting this. I especially had fun painting the jack-o'-lanterns, pumpkins are one of my favourite things.


Here is another pumpkin painting, this time it's in watercolour. This illustration, 'Three Pumpkins', is for my upcoming book called 'Enchanted Valley'. The book will be a journey through an enchanted land, and there will also be journal pages in the book where you can write down your own creative thoughts.


Here is another illustration that will be included in the 'Enchanted Valley' book. I had a lot of fun drawing the wallpaper design that is behind the character. I drew this illustration with graphite pencils on Fabriano Bristol paper.


Here is a pattern design I created for the inside cover of my book 'Enchanted Valley'. Although the book is not necessarily autumn themed, it includes one world that is called 'Haunted Hill', so there will be a lot of pumpkins, bats and other haunted things included in the book, so I wanted to include some of those elements in to this pattern design as well.


These were a few of the paintings and drawings I created this autumn season. I hope you had a great Halloween! I'm a bit sad that autumn is over for this year, but I am looking forward to the winter season too!

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Thank you for reading!