Upcoming Art Auction - Flora&Fauna

I'm part of an artist collective called the Changeling Artist Collective. We are a group of fantasy artists and we have a themed art auction on our Facebook page every month. This February's auction theme is going to be Flora & Fauna. That means that you will see lots of cute and inspiring nature themed art on our Facebook page in the coming days. Here is our banner for our upcoming auction.

If you would like to see lots of new fantasy art from a collection of many amazing artists every month, please follow us on our Facebook page.

"Changeling Artist Collective is comprised of creators and conjurers. We channel our abilities to weave visual tales that are sure to delight your eyeballs. You can find us near the largest tree, in the most northern forest, during a blue moon. We can also be found on facebook, twitter, instagram, and tumblr."

Thank you for your interest in The Changeling Artist Collective and thank you for reading!

Eeva NikunenComment