Oil Painting Supplies - The Basics

Starting oil painting can be a bit daunting, because there are so many different supplies and mediums to choose from. 

I hope this blog post will be helpful to anyone wanting to start with just the basics and start experimenting with oil paints. I've added Amazon affiliate links to all the supplies I've mentioned below.

The oil paints

You only need three basic colours: yellow, blue and red. You can mix all other colours from these basic colours. Also get a tube of zinc or titanium white. Titanium white is more opaque than zinc, and zinc has a bluish tone to it. Also get a tube of black, it's easier than mixing your own black paint. My favourite brand of oil paints is Mussini, but you can start with more affordable brands like Van Gogh or Winsor&Newton if you are just starting out.

Oil painting medium

Liquin is the medium I use with oil paints. It's a fast drying medium, so your painting will be touch dry the next day. I like Liquin also because it gives a nice shiny finish to the oil paint. The idea of a painting medium is to thin down the paint so you can paint thinner layers and get finer details.

The brushes

You can start with just basic synthetic brushes. You can start collecting more expensive animal hair brushes later if you like. For cleaning the brushes, get a bottle of paint thinner like Mona Lisa Odourless Paint Thinner.

The painting surface

There are so many different painting surfaces to choose from: masonite, cotton canvas, belgian linen, etc. My favourite surface to paint on is Fredrix Belgian Linen Paint Boards. The surface is so smooth and that will make the painting process so much easier than working on a rougher surface. I recommend experimenting with many different painting surfaces to figure out what you like using the best.

And that's it! I hope this list was helpful. Thank you for reading!