Oil Painting - Old Masters Technique

Here is a new oil painting called 'Parrot Garden' that I'm currently working on.

For this oil painting, I'm using the 'old masters' technique, which means that I'm painting an underpainting with just two colours. I'm using raw umber and zinc white to paint the underpainting. At this point of the painting process, I'm paying attention to where the darks and lights go. I want the focal point of the painting to be the face of the macaw parrot in the front, so I've payed most attention to that area of the painting. That is where I will have the most contrast and detail.

This 'old masters' oil painting technique is a really slow medium, because when I will start adding the colour layers, they will be very thin layers of oil paint and I will have to wait for the paint to dry completely between each layer. But in the end, all the many layers of colour will create a beautiful luminous effect, because the light will get through all the layers of paint, and that creates a glow that is only achievable in oil paint.

Thank you for reading!