Faery Wings - New Watercolour Painting

Here is a new watercolour piece I created for The Changeling Artist Collective January art auction called 'Winged Things'. I had an idea of a Victorian lady selling fairy wings at a carnival, I enjoyed designing the little lettering on the banner behind her, I had a lot of fun making this piece.

To make this piece I used Winsor&Newton watercolours and Fabriano Artistico hot press watercolour paper. I had drawn the drawing with graphite before I started painting over it with watercolours. If you would like to use this technique, spray the graphite drawing with fixative before you start painting, that way the graphite won't smudge and you can paint nice clean colour layers over it.

This original painting is available at the moment through the art auction on The Changeling Artist Collective Facebook page.

Thank you for reading!