Top 5 Art Books For Inspiration

Flipping through your favourite art books is a great way to get inspired to do new art. In this blog post, I've gathered the top 5 art books that inspire me. I hope you will get inspired by these books as well.

1. Faeries - Brian Froud and Alan Lee

I've had this book for ages. It was one of the first art books I ever bought. It remains as one of my primary sources of inspiration. Brian Froud's whimsical creatures and Alan Lee's beautiful illustrations work so well together. I always go back to this book when I need some inspiration from the world of Faery.

2. Shadowline - The Art of Iain McCaig

I discovered Iain McCaig's work when the Star Wars Episode 1 movie came out. I was blown away by his designs. I used to draw a lot of sketches of Amidala based on Iain's art. This book also has a lot of useful tips for artists, so it's a very useful book to own.

3. Ivan Bilibin

Ivan Bilibin is my favourite classic illustrator. The amount of detail in his work is just stunning. He also uses very interesting colour combinations. I also look at how Ivan Bilibin uses composition in his illustrations to improve my own art.

4. Crimson Peak - The Art Of Darkness

This book is such a treasure. If you enjoyed the movie Crimson Peak, this book is a must have. I read it from cover to cover when I bought it for myself as a Christmas present last year. The book has beautiful inspiring images from the movie and a lot of examples of concept designs. I use Crimson Peak as an inspiration to improve my use of colour in paintings.

5. Edmund Dulac

If you are looking for inspiration on composition, I highly recommend checking out Edmund Dulac's illustrations. I often do little thumbnail sketches based on Dulac's paintings to improve my own understanding of composition and values in paintings.

I hope you got inspired by these books! What are your favourite art books? I'd love for you to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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