An Easy Trick for Creating Eye-catching Compositions

The Golden Ratio (or divine proportion as it's sometimes called) is a mathematical tool that has been used by master painters for centuries. The Golden Ratio can be found in designs in nature and it is also often used in architecture. It's a great tool to help you create an interesting and eye-cathcing composition.

I use the Golden Ratio as a tool to make sure that the eye is drawn to the most important subject in the painting. In this illustration, 'The Scientists', I wanted the cat's face to be the main focus of the piece. I used the Golden Ratio to help me position his face to the right place in proportion to the rest of the elements in the illustration. I also made sure that the owl was inside the line of action. Because of the Golden Ratio used in this piece, your eyes are more likely to focus on the main characters before you start taking in the other details in the illustration.

If you would like to try the Golden Ratio, download this Golden Ratio grid jpeg I made, I use the same grid for my own work.

Here are the links to the materials I used for creating 'The Scientists' illustration.

Pencils: Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils
Paper: Fabriano Artistico Hot Press Watercolour Paper

'The Scientists' on Redbubble