Book of Elves Inspiration

"Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience."
-Ralph W. Emerson

I'm currently working on my first ever independent art book project called 'Book of Elves'. 'Book of Elves' is a journey to the mythical realm of elves through drawings, paintings and storytelling.

The art for 'Book of Elves' is inspired by my love for everything related to elves. The themes for the illustrations in 'Book of Elves' are inspired by quotes and meditations from my favourite 19th century essayist and poet, Ralph W. Emerson.

'The Apple Orchard' is the first painting I've finished for the 'Book of Elves'. The painting symbolises the virtue of being patient, and knowing that all good things take time. If you are patient enough, the reward will be yours in the end.

I'm creating new art for 'Book of Elves' every week, please sign up to my mailing list, I will be sharing new art from the 'Book of Elves' with you every Friday. You will also gain access to special giveaways, like free high-resolution downloads of my paintings for 'Book of Elves'.