'Kuutar' (Moon Goddess)

For December I'm drawing a weekly elf character in the theme 'Winter Elves'.

I've named this week's elf 'Kuutar', which is a name that comes from the Finnish language and can be translated to 'Moon Goddess'. Here's a little story about Kuutar:

"Winter has come to the elven kingdom. All the elves are busily preparing for a huge Winter Solstice celebration. Kuutar roams the snow-covered woods at night time. She loves the light of the moon and the stars. Her clothes are ornamented with moonstones. When the full moon is bright and the night sky is clear, she gathers the light of the moon and the stars into the moonstones on her clothing. Kuutar then brings the light back to the elves' dwelling to decorate their halls. That is why during the Winter Solstice celebration the elven halls glitter like a night sky full of starlight."

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