The Story Behind 'Lady of the Woods'

I always have a little story behind every portrait I make. I like to imagine what the character in the portrait would be like if I met them. I think that creating this little story in my head allows me to bring more life into the portraits. And the best feeling I get is when I'm finished with a new piece and I feel like I know the character I just drew, like I've seen them before, like I know their face. It's a strange and wonderful feeling.

The inspiration for 'Lady of the Woods' is the character Mielikki from the Finnish mythos 'Kalevala'. Here's a little synopsis of who Mielikki is to me:

Her name is Mielikki, she's the Lady of the Woods and healer of wounded animals. She can be seen disguised as a hunched back old woman picking berries. But under that hooded cloak is really the beautiful Queen of the Forest... and she's watching you closely as you pass through her realm.

I hope this story brings a little magic to your Monday. Have a lovely week!



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