Meet Eeva

My name is Eeva Nikunen, I am an artist who loves to create art inspired by nature and fantasy. I grew up appreciating the beauty of nature, spending many of my childhood summers in a cottage in the middle of the forests of eastern Finland. I developed a deep love for history and decorative art while I spent a few of my childhood years in Denmark. While in Denmark, I visited many of the beautiful old castles there. And at a young age started going to the Copenhagen Royal Ballet to see classical ballet performances that still inspire my work today.

"My favourite medium is oil paint. I love how you can create such vibrant colours with them."

I have a Bachelor Of Arts degree in Graphic Design and I also studied Visual Merchandising at the University of the Arts in London. I have always appreciated beautiful design. Even before I became a full time artist, I worked in creative fields such as game design, website creation and visual merchandising.
I currently live in Vantaa, Finland, where I love to take long walks in my local forest.


Contact Me

I'd love to hear from you, you can contact me via email:


About The Art

My art is inspired by fantasy, nature and history. In contrast to my black and white graphite illustrations, my oil paintings are full of colour. In my paintings, I use the old masters oil painting technique, where the painting is first painted with just two colours, and then glazed over with dozens of thin layers of colour. I love paying attention to tiny details and creating really intricate drawings and paintings.


"My favourite things: visiting art museums, walking in nature, fantasy books & coffee."